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criminal.jpgDid the police contact you or search your business, your home, or your car? Did they take your cell phone, computer, or records? Ken Tableman can help.

Ken Tableman handles criminal cases in state and federal courts, including preindictment investigations, jury trials, appeals, and post-conviction matters. Ken Tableman has training in federal criminal defense and has handled white-collar cases involving healthcare fraud, food-stamp fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, firearms offenses, computer crimes, and immigration crimes.

Ken Tableman has represented defendants accused of homicide, sex crimes, drug charges, conspiracy, and gang-related crimes. 

Special skill: Federal Sentencing Guidelines. If a person is found guilty or pleads guilty to a federal case, the court uses complex guidelines as a starting point to determine the sentence. Ken Tableman has handled more than 150 cases implicating the federal sentencing guidelines and can make sure that the court applies them properly.

He has handled many criminal appeals and is experienced at finding issues on appeal that may set aside a conviction or lead to a lower sentence. 


Thank you for considering Kenneth P. Tableman, P.C. We look forward to beginning a relationship with you and earning your business. 



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